Chlorine Dioxide is a chemical with many uses. It is environmentally friendly and is an excellent biocide, scale inhibitor, water disinfectant and biofilm control agent. It is used in areas from municipal water treatment, pulp bleaching, food sanitization, cooling water systems and oilfield applications.

In the oilfield is can be used as a biocide to disinfect water before the water is pumped downhole. This is done to prevent problems such as iron sulfide and H₂S formation that are caused by bacteria. It can also be used to remediate existing problems with iron sulfide/H₂S, break up oil and water emulsions and improve well production by eliminating bacteria and biomass.clo2-271x263

Oilfield Applications

FRAC: ClO₂ can be used in FRAC operations to disinfect the frac fluid before being sent downhole. Such treatment mitigates issues with bacteria, iron sulfide, and H₂S from the beginning. This treatment ensures better quality oil production and higher return on investment due to lower equipment maintenance costs.

Pits & tanks: Sterilize and disinfect water in pits or tanks. ClO₂ can be used on produced water as well to clean it so it can be reused many times before needing to be replenished.

SWD: ClO₂ will help break up any oil/water emulsions in the holding tanks of SWD systems for better separation. If bacteria and iron sulfide are causing well injection pressures to rise, ClO₂ can be used to destroy the bacteria and break up the iron sulfide, thereby lowering well injection pressure. This can be done on a treatment schedule or at each truck offloading. Keeps storage tanks clean in the process.

Downhole (Production): ClO₂ can be used on wells currently in production to remediate problems with bacteria, iron sulfide, H₂S and scaling. ClO₂ treatment will help maintain the casing, tubing, and wellhead.  It will help produce better quality oil as the ClO₂ removes existing bacteria from the formation.

Water Transfer ServicesWater Transfer Pump

Effective April 1, 2015, Aegis completed the purchase of the Water Transfer portion of Energes Oilfield Solutions, another Intervale Capital company. The water transfer business is a strategic addition that we believe is synergistic with our chlorine dioxide application technology business, and keeps us close to the activity of the operators in those areas where we have existing operations.

Aegis believes that a successful water transfer business will benefit from our contacts and drive new recognition of our brand and market presence. The water transfer division brings some very experienced personnel to the Aegis family and we greatly appreciate their contribution.  The Division will be working very hard to seamlessly add the employees new to Aegis and drive forward with a responsible business approach.