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Aegis Chemical Solutions offers a full suite of Production Treating Chemicals, Drilling/Completion & Stimulation Products and Services, Water Transfer Services and Water Treatment Technologies.

Production Chemicals

Aegis has a complete and robust oilfield production treating chemicals product line. The treating programs provided by Aegis are designed to accomplish these objectives: reduce costs, increase production, protect customers’ assets and ensure the safety of personnel, equipment and the environment. The production treating chemicals fall into four major product categories:


  • Asset integrity
  • Flow assurance
  • Phase separation
  • Commodities

Chlorine Dioxide Applications

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is a chemical with many uses in the oilfield including: sanitizing frac water, SWD systems treatment, well / pit / tank clean-up and water flood treatment.  ClO2 is an environmentally friendly biocide, scale inhibitor, water disinfectant and biofilm control agent. It is used in areas from municipal water treatment, pulp bleaching, food sanitization, cooling water systems and oilfield applications.

Water Transfer Services

Aegis offers water transfer services and has all the equipment and personnel to manage the transfer systems. Our experienced personnel are constantly prepared to use innovative technology to find the right solutions to help energy companies act quickly and responsibly and in compliance with current and future regulations.

Drilling Completions & Stimulation

The Oilfield Drilling/Completions & Stimulation division at Aegis has robust product lines for the drilling/completions and stimulation service companies.