Aegis Chemical Solution (Aegis) is committed to maintaining a healthy, safe workplace while protecting natural resources and the environment. Aegis requires, at a minimum, that its activities conform to all relevant federal and state laws and regulations, as well as to the recognized best practices of industries and businesses that Aegis serves.


Safety Performance

Aegis showed significant improvement in company injury/illness rates in 2016.  Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) and Days Away, Restricted and Transferred (DART) rate were below industry averages.  The Company’s TRIR was reduced by almost 85% and the DART rate was reduced by more than 70%.

Aegis believes the improvement in injury/illness rates during 2016 was the result of Aegis employees being involved in personal safety and the safety of their co-workers.  During this past year, Aegis management actively fostered employee involvement in the safety process.

The Company believes that all accidents are preventable, and will strive to be injury free.  The goal for 2017 is to continue to make improvements in the TRIR and DART rates.


HSE Communication

Aegis Senior Management believes that communication is important in effective Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) management.  Senior management must be able to effectively communicate to all employees its’ HSE goals and objectives and have a process in place to update employees on the progress being made toward meeting these goals and objectives.


HSE Policies and Procedures

A HSE handbook providing a summary of HSE policies and procedures is provided to all employees in an effort to thoroughly communicate the Company’s HSE expectations.  This handbook provides employees with a quick reference and guidance on HSE issues.


Health, Safety and Environmental Training

The Company provides employees with training on health, safety and environmental hazards encountered in the work place.  The scope of training is dependent on the employee’s scope of work and will be a combination of computer-based and instructor-led courses.


Site Health, Safety and Environmental Inspections and Assessments

Aegis’ HSE personnel will continue to conduct field visits to Aegis facilities and service locations.  These visits will provide technical guidance and assistance to local management and employees in HSE issues, HSE training, and compliance with Aegis HSE policies and procedures through a formal HSE auditing process.


Behavioral-Based Safety Observations

Aegis has implemented a Behavioral-based Safety Observation Program that involves employees from all levels of the organization in proactively preventing unwanted incidents from occurring.  The Aegis Safety Observation System (SOS) allows facility personnel to conduct and report observations of both safety conditions and behaviors.